Friday, June 09, 2006

Eyeball Kicks

I had my second cataract surgery this past Tuesday. It went great! I feel a little bionic now. I'm so impressed with my doctors, my nurses and the surgery center. The worst part of both procedures was my own anxiety. There was no pain at all in either surgery and just a little tenderness afterwards. And now I see great out of both eyes. Right on!

Back to the drawing board!

Best, Chris


indra said...

I like cartoon


canvas paintings said...

great work, well done

Anonymous said...

Didn't know you did other artwork besides sweet embraceable Hagar. I'm looking for an old Hagar strip: Hagar's motley army was about to be overcome by a horde of enemy army. Hagar said, "We could beat the enemy if everyone did his part. Sven: What's my part?
Hagar: Hold the bridge.
Can you suggest where I can get a copy? This would be a Christmas present to two inner-city school principals!

Chris Browne said...

Dear Anonymous- hope this reaches you! You can often get a reprint of a Hagar strip by going to:
and requesting the specific strip. If you have an old copy of the strip the date will be on it, very small- the year is in the copyright slug, a tiny line of type hidden on the artwork- and the day and month is written by hand very small, like: 12-17" for Dec. 17. I hope you find it and thanks for asking about Hagar!

Merry Christmas, Chris Browne