Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New project

Like other artists and writers one of the most important moments in creating is that tiny, overlooked sliver of time in which you decide which project you're going to work on. I fill my sketchbooks with ideas. Most of them get no further than that. But a few bubble up to the surface and then you have to pick which one to work on. Since comic strip and children's book projects can last for years, it's good to choose wisely! I am going through that process now.
My next project will be a book, a children's book or a picture book for all ages. I have several in the works. One is a graphic narrative using the characters from Raising Duncan. The other's are mainly short, hopefully whimsical stories told mainly or entirely in pictures. As I move forward in this process I will post as much as my progress as I can without giving away any surprises. Hope you'll check back. More soon! Best wishes, Chris Browne

A sneak peek at a rough sketch from one of my projects:

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