Monday, December 01, 2008

MY Monkey!

Here is the latest in a long and noble line of monkey dolls I've owned.

My Chihuahuas think this is their doll, but they are sadly mistaken. Dogs should NOT get people dolls because they often contain non-dog-friendly substances.

And besides, THIS IS MY MONKEY!!

When I was a child I had a monkey doll named Pheobe Beegeebee. Loved her! When I was about eight I was bitten by a pet monkey tied in someone's yard on Siesta Key. My hand bled terribly in a perfect crescent. I loved Kong, Konga, Mighty Joe Young and in comics, The Golden Gorilla and Titano the Super Ape. My favorite Planet Ape was Dr. Zaius.

I loved the Kinks song Apeman and was fascinated when a genius childhood friend floated a theory about evolution and aquatic apes. My favorite crypto beast is Gigantopithicus Blacki, a huge gorilla that may be related to the Yeti. I frequented the Circus Hall of Fame as a child and would stare in wonder at the death mask of Gargantua.

I loved that we share our family tree with these strong, noble creatures with the huge hearts and long arms. They have so much empathy. Perhaps there is hope for us yet!


Larry Levine said...

Very awesome monkey--both as a doll & as your latest masterpiece!!!

Alex said...

Charming drawing and beautiful paiting.Love the sweet expression.
Congrats Chris.


Pascal said...

He´s very cute, excellent work.