Saturday, November 29, 2008


These biscottis are so good I couldn't just eat 'em, I had to paint one! We got them at the amazing Queen City Bakery near the train tracks in Sioux Falls.


Alex said...

Hi Chris.
I'm glad cause i found your blog!
I like so much your work and i love the Hagar strips.
And i'm a big fan of your father Dik,my favorite cartoonist.
Hi and Lois,specially in 1950's and 1960's,are a great inspiration to me.
I bought recently a collection with five numbers of "O Melhor do Hagar"(The Best of Hagar)published here by L&PM.Beautiful books with strips by Dik and you.
Hagar is a sucess in my country.
Chris i love all your drawings and texts around your amazing blog!

Chris.Browne cartoonist said...

Alex! I have no way to email you! You made my day with your great note. I love your blog and art! Do you know ZMauricio de Souza? He's a friend down there.

Very cool artwork!

Best wishes, Chris Browne

Jane said...

You wrote about what you're thankful for this Thanksgiving, so I want to tell you that you are on MY "thankful-for" list this year. I read your blog faithfully and even though I rarely leave comments I really enjoy your artwork, I marvel at your talent, and I even worry about your bunnies when they're missing in action. I appreciate your generosity in sharing your talent and your wisdom with the world.

Chris.Browne cartoonist said...

Hi, Jane!

I don't have an e-mail for you so I hope you see this somehow! Thank you so much! The bunnies thank you, too. Your kind words were the perfect start for my day!

All my best, Chris

Alex said...

Hi Chris.
I'm so happy about your gently comments,is a great incentive for me.Mauricio de Sousa is the greatest name of comics here and he is a higly and dear respected artist in Brazil.
Chris like i told you i'm a big fan of Dik and is a great pleasure and privilege talk with you
cause you is continuing his father's work with a lot of talent,success and amazing and funny drawings!I love Hagar and hope see Raising Duncan soon here in my country.
My e-mail is:
If you allow me i would like to show you a lot of images of brazilian's Hagar magazines and books from my collection.
Thanks Chris for your time and sorry for the bad english.