Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Nemo Cookie

I paint so many cookies, today I decided to design one! When I have time I may actually make a cookie mold and make a bunch.

The Nemo, named for my favorite anti-hero, would be a toasted vanilla bean cookie with a raspberry creme filling. It would contain no nuts or dairy of any kind. Half the thickness of an Oreo, with a crisp baked cookie (tapered like the new iPod!) It would also be wider than an Oreo.

It would feature a submerged Nautilus submarine on the top cookie amid waves for texture and grip and on the bottom, an art deco squid!

Of course I don't own a cookie company, but who knows? Isn't there room in this world for a cookie that anyone can eat and that encourages reading?


Stacy Curtis said...

If Paul Newman can have salad dressing ...

Larry Levine said...

Hi Chris, Very cool concept & delicious looking drawing :)

PS: Great Hagar Sunday page!!!

Richard Blanco said...

Hi Chris,
I just discovered your blogs this past Saturday, thanks for all the years you have made laugh with Haggar and his crew.
Funny... On the Nemo cookie, Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea was the first book I ever read as a child in Cuba, a present from my father and I have been hooked on reading ever since.
Best regards,

Richard Blanco,

scott diggs underwood said...

Looks like a good cookie to me. I'd eat it.

Pascal said...

I can´t wait to see your new drawings!

publisher said...


We miss you in Sarasota. Will you come and visit us. We still have your photo posted from when you volunteered at the Fireman's chili cookoff at Mortons.

Your fans in Sarasota,
Michael Penn
Publisher -