Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Love is Strange


Larry Levine said...

Hi Chris, Very beautiful drawing.

This one has a different feel to it, did you paint this by hand or digitally?

trentongal said...

Ain't it the truth!

titus said...

hi there. i was your waiter today at K restaurant! after you left, the owner asked if i knew who you were, and told me. it piqued my curiosity, and i looked you up on the net and found your blog. (sorry, i hope thats not weird stalker-ish). i really love your art. do you sell your art, or do gallery showings? im sure your stuff commands a much higher price than i can afford but i would love to see it collected in a gallery. this Love is Strange piece is great! you can definitely tell in this blog that art is more than a job to you, and i think thats awesome. anyway, hope you are enjoying sioux falls.

Chris.Browne cartoonist said...

Hi, Titus!

Great to hear from you! I'm glad you saw my blog- you must've thought it was odd that I was photographic my sandwich and my wife's empty chili bowl but you can see by my webpages, I really do make paintings of such things. We loved our lunch today at K! We were fans of Tina's restaurant on Phillips Ave., so we were delighted to hear about the new place.

I'm going to have my first 2 real gallery shows this coming year, one at the Eide-Dalrymple Gallery at Augustana College and the other just a few feet away from K's at the Eastbank Gallery. So far I haven't been selling any original artwork but I do print out artwork on nice paper for friends and personalize them. I'd be happy to zap you off a copy of Love is Strange or some other picture if you like.

My gallery shows are probably a while off yet but I hope you will come check them out when they happen. Carol and Carl at Eastbank Gallery are interested in showing my Playboy magazine cartoon work, I think and the other gallery will probably show a combinations of my paintings and comic strip artwork. Anyway, Thank you for your kind words! You made my day. We'll be in again sometime before winter hits!

Best wishes,

Chris Browne