Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Visitors

Here are the most recent visitors to Bunny Hill: a pair of cardinals and Rocky J. Squirrel.

The office is in great disarray due to major revamping of everything (listen to my podcast, LIVE FROM BUNNY HILL- episode 2 for more about the big mess!)

But the studio is just about up and running now. The phones, FAX, scanner, web cam and computer all work, I have flat files for my Strathmore paper and bins for my art supplies. My old metal Pottery Barn desk looks out on Bunny Hill. I hope to get a second desk so I can keep the artwork and the computer apart.

Valentine's day is looming! Hope it's a good one for y'all!

Best, Chris

1 comment:

Tace said...

Wow, peeping squirrels and peeping birds, all we ever get is peeping neighbors....haha