Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Poem

I loved you once, nor can this heart be quiet;
For it would seem that love still lingers there;
But do not you be further troubled by it;
I would in no wise hurt you, oh, my dear.

I loved you without hope, a mute offender;
What jealous pangs, what shy despairs I knew!
A love as deep as this, as true, as tender,
God grant another may yet offer you.

...Alexander Pushkin

Happy St. Valentine's Day, you.


Anonymous said...

I have just found your website and really enjoyed reading it. We native South Dakotans take the changing seasons for granted. It is nice to see a new perspective. But, I was sorry to see your intentions to do away with public appearances until after your birthday. When might that be? I was preparing to ask your appearance at an April 5th fund raiser for local youth. We (Minnehaha Sertoma Club) call our event Tips for Kids. Our "Celebrity Waiters" are hasseled by their friends and collegues as they work for big tips that are in turn given to McCrossan Boys Ranch, Teddy Bear Den, and the South Dakota School for the Deaf Schorlarship Endowment Fund.

Welcome to Sioux Falls! If this year doesn't work out for you to make an appearance at Tips for Kids, perhaps next year would.

Sincerely, Sue VanderWoude

Chris Browne said...

Hi Sue! Don't give up on me! This is so funny- I know your name! I was at that Augustana function and I pointed out your name in the program to my wife- it's similar to a dear friend's name from Florida, Sue Van Der Veer! One of the best people we know. So maybe it's fate! My birthday is May 16 and my plan is to start booking right after that. I'll mark my calendar to look for a contact from you in May- how's that sound?

Great to hear from you- thanks for the good words!