Thursday, June 21, 2007

Betty The Yeti

© 2007 Chris Browne
Hi there. I've shortened the Betty The Yeti posting for now but I'll happily send a PDF file to any interested editor! I'd love to see her find her way into a book someday. Remember- "Save the Yeti, Save the World!" Best always, Chris


pascal said...

hi Chris,

Excellent work! That is a funny series. Is it for a book?

PS: The yeti is always a fun-subject, I also like to draw it!

Chris Browne said...

Hi, Pascal!

Thank you! Yes, I hope it'll be a book someday, perhaps with a faux Yak cover!

Best always, Chris

Dan Kusnetzky said...

What fun! Does Betty the Yeti like confetti?

Momoftwoteens said...

Betty the Yeti is great. It's nice to read something that is just plain and simple fun, Thanks.