Monday, August 25, 2008

Sugar Free

This is a Murray's Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookie. Not bad! But given my druthers, I'd opt for Pepperidge Farms version of the same thing.

We had a nasty dog fight here today, a territory & food dispute between our 2 males (6 year old Scotty and 20+ year old Terrier mix!) It ended with the elder dog going to the animal hospital but amazingly he seems okay now.

I am making huge progress on my studio and also have found old sketchbooks and some vital (to me at least) missing children's book artwork that was lost in the big move West. So it's all good!

Special thanks to all of you, for your kind words about my paintings and sketches. You have kept me sane (certainly saner than I would have been) this past year.

Thank you!


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Larry Levine said...

Deliciously beautiful!!!