Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bunny Watch

I haven't seen the bunnies in about a week and now I am worried about them. If I'd just see one I could feel that the other's are safe somewhere, but not seeing any of the four of them for so long is ominous. What could have happened to them? Cottontails have about a one acre range so where are they? I'm especially concerned about the baby bunny we saw last week.

I'll post more about this, especially if I see one of them. This is really bumming me out. Chris


Tace said...

There are bunnies around here too. Wild bunnies are unpredictable, at least I think. I always imagine they moved on to better tasting things when we don't see them out in the open as often. I'm sure they have their little bunny cycles just like everything else. I'm sure you'll look out some time and see them when you least suspect it. Perhaps they're hiding in the bushes thinking "If that guy would quit looking we could cross the lawn..."
p.s. I actually think not seeing any of them seems less ominous then only seeing one, sounds like a bunny vacation or something.

Jackilope said...

We had bunny family bound and determined to deliver and raise behind our garage last year. I let the grass grow and refused to mow in that region for the longest time. One day, the baby rabbits watched me mow near the region and moved headquarters. Perhaps they had a scare or decided on a change of scenery. I'm hoping you see them check in with you really soon.

Anonymous said...

maybe a dingo ate your bunny ???

Little Chin Burger said...

Chris, I hope the bunnies are safe. I also wanted to say how lovely your yard looks.___ This makes the midwest move so worthwhile. Beautiful.