Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Secret Library

I added a little more color, shadow and depth. I also added a black mask to this and posted that version to my sketchbook blog. I love painting these little cozy womb-like environs.

Children's books have many safe little realms like this: Peter Pan's hollow tree, Narnia's coat filled wardrobe, James' giant peach.

We are creatures of comfort. We need cozy! And ice cream!


pascal said...

Perfect! :)


Nice work.

abdelmoaty said...

your blog is really admirable,would you please allow me translated into Arabic ,you have many wonderfull ideas i found interesting to the Arab reader,thank you and good luck

robin said...

this is so wonderful! i recently finished reading a book called "feeling like a kid" that talks about five elements in all children's books: snugness, scariness, smallness, lightness, and aliveness. it's a great book with wonderful examples all throughout- books from childhood i'd completely forgotten about! anyway, this painting reminded me a lot of the "snugness" chapter. i love it!
<3 robin