Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Red

These little red Cardinals kept me (arguably) sane this first winter in South Dakota, so I have put one of 'em in a suit and tie and made him the executive v.p. of inner peace for Bunny Hill studio.


Tace said...

haha, ok that's really cute. I don't think the neighborhood birds instill sanity around here though as our indoor kitties gaze with adoration at the free as a bird, birds mocking them from out side. I especially like the v.p.'s glasses.

Colleen S said...

Very nice. I love Cardinals!

princesstomato said...

I just love how you find and express delight in your surroundings. Now if the snow would only quit once and for all this season, the sweet birds could set up their summer homes without so much confusion!

Welcome to SD. Good things are in store! I will look for you on IF, and see you at Barnes and Noble very soon. :)