Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Snow Dragon

When Chance and I were little, living in South Orange, New Jersey, our parents had little more than their imaginations to make Christmas come alive for us.

One Christmas we came outside to discover they had made a beautiful snow dragon on the front lawn and decorated it with food coloring. Only a couple of photos still exist of the snow dragon but it is a memory more precious than gold to me. There were dragons in the earth in those days... and wizards too!

And two of the best were Joan and Dik Browne.


Stacy Curtis said...

Wow! What great parents! I bet that was such a blast! I would love to see photos of your snow dragon.

I'm a regular lurker on your blog, I just wanted to stop by and say "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" and I love your artwork! Great, great stuff!


Stacy Curtis said...

If you have a photo of the snow dragon, I would love to see it!

Wow, what great artistic parents!!

Just by your painting of the snow dragon, I can tell you still remember it vividly.

What a great memory to have!