Saturday, November 10, 2007

Back in Business!

We've been in Sioux Falls for one month and we still can't find almost anything. Among the missing are medical records, art supplies, cables that make computer printers and scanners go, and almost all of our clothes. But the flip side of that is, every day is an Easter egg hunt! Carroll found my big computer the other day (it was in the garage under a dog crate!) which is good news for me because all my children's book scan art and texts are on it. Whew! I'm back in business!

Our new house is beautiful and we love it! But there is a learning curve... Who knew you had to blow out your sprinkler system to get ready for winter? I haven't been near winter for 30 years and I never had a sprinkler system till now. Duncan, our Scotty LOVES the cold weather, but the Chihuahuas are giving me nasty looks when I walk 'em.

We're having lots done to the house, expanding a room for Carroll's mom, tiling the living room and securing the yard so the pooches can't escape. It's all great, but man are we tired! And we haven't had time to visit much with our new friends & neighbors, but they have all been very understanding and supportive. The kindness of the people we've met here has been humbling and gratifying. There are still good people in the world- lots of them!


Earl Roney said...

Chris, this is Earl Roney of Neptunes Restaurant on Siesta Key. I have been trying to reach you as I have those two tables all the cartoonists made for me, and I want to know if you are still interested in buying them.
My e-mail is

Trevour said...

Welcome to Sioux Falls, my birthplace! :-)

Dan Kusnetzky said...

It's good to read that things are settling down and you're back to dealing with the every-day things of life.

Have you sold your home on Siesta Key?

Jean said...

Okay, this is very strange. I read "Raising Duncan" and"Hagar" every day, and enjoy them very much, and just found out by accident that you have moved to Sioux Falls. I have to ask, WHY? I spent two years there in the late 70's, and the day I escaped...ah...moved was the happiest I ever was there. I grew up in Atlanta, and my ex-husband was from Sioux Falls, and we lived there the first two years of our marriage, then moved back to Georgia. We lived at 2305 S. Holly Avenue. Scary that I still remember that.

So why did you and your lovely wife leave Siesta Key for the frozen north?