Thursday, September 06, 2007

Doodle For Hunger Event

Capuchin Food Pantries annual Doodle For Food event will be Oct. 25th at Tavern On The Green in NYC. For info click the title above to link to their page. Here are my contributions, drawn in Crayolas! Best always, Chris


Dan Kusnetzky said...

I'm sure Hagar is proud to be a doodle that does his best.

Manuel Gonzalez-Rodriguez said...

Great drawings! I've always been a great fan of it...Do you sell artwork like this?
Greetings from Belgium (Europe)!

Dan Kusnetzky said...

Chris, How did the event go?

Cyndi said...

I was searching around on you tube to find videos of Lincoln High Schools Drum-line. They had an assembly at my Daughters elementary school last week, and she's pretty sure she wants to be a drummer now. :)

At any rate, I stumbled upon your videos. LOL Then I had to go looking for you blog, since I was seeing the video for your blog, but not seeing the blog, so I could figure out what you were talking about. LOL

I did find your "Why I love Sioux Falls" montage and I thought it was great! We moved her 5 years ago from Saint Paul, MN and we love being her. I think Sioux Falls kind of just gets into your blood. I remember when we first visited, my husband had a job interview here, and we were so sad to leave. I kept saying I don't want to go back home, it just feels right being here! Luckily he was offered the job and we moved. :)

I just felt compelled to share. :)