Thursday, May 03, 2007

Walk the Walk

"You talk the talk,
you talk the walk,
you walk the walk."


pascal kirchmair said...

I like this drawing. I recognize the "raising Duncan"-comic that I like very much. Somehow it looks spiritual. Has it a special intent?



Chris Browne said...

Hi Pascal! I always like reading your comments. As usual, you're instincts are correct, I've been going thru some stuff lately and have been very introspective, a little shook up- but now things seem to be working out. With prayer, family and friends, I guess we can get through most anything. Thanks for the note!

Best, Chris

Colleen S said...

I am sorry to hear you have being going thru some stuff lately.
You work always puts a smile on my
face and I thank you for that.

Chris Browne said...

Thank you, Colleen! I so appreciate that! I had to go in for some tests and I was really dreading it, but it turned out the tests were not as awful as I had feared and all my results came back very good. So all's well now! Thank you for your kind words- good to hear from you!

Best, Chris

Rosemary said...

Chris, This picture is wonderful. As a Scottie mom myself, I can certainly identify. Thank you for your beautiful work, and many good wishes--hope things get back on track for you soon!