Monday, May 21, 2007

Orpheus Kelly, Kid Wizard

Orpheus Kelly is an eight year old kid from Brooklyn. He has problems with bullies, gangs, a girlfriend, his teachers, his siblings and his parents. But his life suddenly gets much more complicated when he is given all the powers of a Medieval Guild of Sorcerers for safekeeping. From a work in progress. © 2007 Chris Browne


Colleen S said...

He looks very familiar, could he be the alterego of a certain artist?
I would buy the book for sure.
What does his t-shirt say?
And from whom is her backing away?

Dotsson said...

Greetings from Saudi Arabia! I love Hagar the Horrible and read it every day in the local English paper here.
Keep up the good work :)

Chris Browne said...

Hi Colleen! It is a little alter ego-y, isn't it? The t-shirt says Brooklyn! Yay, Brooklyn! And he's backing away from (or prepapring to battle) the forces of darkness! Great to hear from you! : )

Hi also to Dotsson!
Thanks for the kind words- how's Saudi Arabia? I've never been there, but friends have. I love that Hagar's in a paper there! Who knew? I just found out we're going to appear in Greece for the first time.



Lukus said...

Hey Chris! I just discovered Hagar in December and he's great. Have you ever considered making a Hagar movie?

Chris Browne said...

Hi, Lukus!

I'd love to make a Hagar movie, but the rights are all tied up right now. If the production company fails I believe the rights revert. Ah well, such is life!