Sunday, March 11, 2007

Party Animal

This is a cartoon I recently sent to Playboy. Can you guess the punchline?


Colleen S said...

Sorry I don't do interspecies!

It's not speed that counts!

Hef called, he's looking for his jacket!

Tortoise: Did you ever have a dream where you are the only one naked?

And it's the Tortoise by a Hare

Trying to keep it clean Chris

Colleen S said...

I thought of another one.

"Do I turtle neck?"

Rob Smith Jr said...

"Please! I'm not that kind of animal!"


"You think that just because I came to the party naked, that I'm easy to get?"


"Hey! Hey! Slow and steady wins THIS tortoise!"


"Yeah, I know your kind. One momment you move fast and then have way through you take a nap!"

John Daiker said...

"You seem nice, but you're just moving too fast for me..."

Nyuk, nyuk!

john said...

You've already had a glass of wine, a quickie will put you straight to sleep.

Chris Browne said...

That's a good one! Thanks John!

john said...

Aw thanks