Sunday, February 18, 2007

Drawing Book

THANK YOU! People are checking in to see my blogs from all over the USA and Europe and parts of Asia! This week, folks popped in from Stavanger (I've been there! It's lovely!), Zurich, Innsbruck, Berlin, Medellin, Beijing, Chongqing, Sioux Falls (I'm going there!), St. Paul, Stamford, Del Rey, Pheonix, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Lilo (!) and Sarasota (my town!) THANK YOU ALL! It means a lot to me. More soon! Best, Chris Browne


Colleen S said...

I think you are messing with my head now Chris!!!

Chris Browne said...

Ha! Hi, Colleen!
i wouldn't do that! : )
Best, Chris