Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Personal Demon

C'mon, we all have them. Well, this is one of mine!
I wasn't feeling well last night- I'd spent the afternoon in the dentist's chair and I was wiped out. So I turned in early while my family watched the Gator game. I sat on the edge of the bed and painted this before I crashed.


John Michels said...

My name is John Michels, and I am a college student in St. Paul MN, although I reside in Sioux Falls. Just wanted to say that I love Hagar and all of your artwork. I'm glad you are choosing the great city of Sioux Falls as your home. Peace.

John Daiker! said...


Great monster!

Chris Browne said...

John, thank you so much! Hope we meet you when we get to town! All my best, Chris Browne

Colleen S said...

Chris I am a regular viewer of your website and now your blog. I am entranced by your art work and would love to find a way to own a small piece. Your personal demon makes me think of a hoary tooth fairy. Perhaps your dental visit had a strong
influence on your demon.
Thanks for sharing your work with everyone including this friendly Canadian.

Chris Browne said...


I'll be happy to send you something. Drop me an e-mail and an address at chrisbrowne2@mac.com

Thank you for you kind words!

Best always, Chris