Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tabula Rasa

Hi, I'm a cartoonist and I am going to use this web log as a sort of open journal to sort out my thoughts on my creative process and you are certainly welcome to have a peek. I love seeing other artist's studios, leafing through their sketchbooks. This will be sort of like that.

I have attempted a couple of blogs before but this will be my first Blogger blog. Hope this works!

In addition to my work on Hagar The Horrible I am writing and drawing children's books now. I'm excited about that. I'll be writing about that too.

Well, that's my plan! Enjoy!


Dane Coyer said...

Chris-my last name is Coyer. I am related to the old "Coyer the Lawyer" your Dad used as an attorney and satirized years ago. I now have a son in law school and would love to buy some reprints the have Coyer/Koyer in them. I went to the King site and they dont have any. Any help is greatly approciated. Please respond to

John & TCS said...

Hi Chris:
Hey, Wheree are you,
I hope you are well.
I'm about to launch a new webite.
but it will be with a hosting company.
In fact f you go to google and type
black & white cartoon portraits
I'm about #1
Cool Huh
Anyway, I also will have a blog at
E-mail me or something, I'd love to hear from you.
The new web site will be uu in a week or so. if all goes well.
my blog ois
Hope to hear from you.
I love your work on the blog.
Man You're the best!
John Stevens

pascal said...

your idea of making a blog had inspired me to make a blog on my own...
I noticed that your blog is faster now and that you sorted out your drawings or am I wrong?
I scaned your old posts, there are wonderful works that I had never noticed before!

pascal said...
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pascal said...
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Thomas said...

Hi Chris,
I just found your blog by coincidence. Haven't been through all of your posts yet, but it's really great to get an insight in all of the stuff you're working on.

Unless I'm mistaken, you once came to my hometown in Belgium (Leuven) many years ago, but I was too shy to ask for an a utograph at the time :-)
I've been collecting quite a bit of stuff related to comics since, original H├Ągar comic art being one of them.
I was lucky enough to acquire a couple of the first drawings made (for the Incentive Book).
They are up in my comicartfans gallery under your father's name:

I also got a Sunday you drew and donated to charity if I remember correctly.

Love your work (and of course your father's as well).
In the picture on your blog, I see a lot of art hanging on your wall as well. Do you collect art from other artists or are they mainly gifts?
Is there any other comic artist you particularly look up to?